Imprinted Flashlights Plus other promotional items, promotional products, & gifts for healthcare, financial, education, & consumer markets

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Powder Point Light



Long Point Light


Gammon Point Key Light



Gurnet Key Light


West Chop Key Light


Square Key Light


Brant Point Light


Logan Landing Light


Added Safety Reflector Light


Angus Rock Light



Be-Safe Bracelet


Be Seen Light Key Chain


Skinny Light Key Chain


Pressalite LED Squeeze Lite





Pressalite LED - Twin Caps


Double Barrel Flash Lite



Pressalite LED - Long


Greetings From Pressalite


Pressalite LED - Long - Twin Caps





Pressalite LED


UFO LED Key Light



LED Squeeze KeyLite



LED Fisheye Key Light


UV Fisheye Key Light



LED Squeeze Carabineer



12 LED Flashlight


9 LED Flashlight


Safe-Night Light & Key Chain


Flashlight Tool Kit



Light Up Stylus Key Chain



Flashlight/Screwdriver Kit

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